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About Us

With over 20 years experience working in the health and social care sector, we know what its like managing staff and making sure you're compliant with all mandatory training

Bespoke Training

We always have a discussion with you about what your exact requirements are to make sure our training meets your specific work environment

Quality Instruction

Our instructors are fully qualified in the subjects they teach and hold a teaching qualification, have a current enhanced DBS and are fully insured

Not just training

Other services we have provided include Event First Aid, Specialist Autistic and Behavioural consultancy and post training advice for managers and staff after the use of force in physical restraint


Training doesn't have to be expensive. We believe that training the workforce and developing people is the key to growing your business. We love what we do and we want you to love what we do too!

First Aid

We offer 3 types of training courses - a half day course, full day or full day accredited. For the accredited course there is a small additional fee for each learner. We can also provide Event First Aid Cover for smaller events. We are also working with a national supply company to be able to bring you First Aid Supplies - we hope to have this fully integrated by the end of 2016.

Basic Life Support

This 3 hour course is specially designed to give you the essentials of First Aid. We cover Primary Survey, Secondary Survey, CPR, Recovery Position and Choking. A quick and easy way to give your staff the basic skills needed to deal promptly with a medical emergency

Basic First Aid

This full day - 6 hour course firstly covers all the areas of our Basic Life Support course and then builds on these skills and goes on to cover Epilepsy, Bleeding, Amputations, Shock, Burns and Scalds, Poisons, Diabetes and Asthma. The course is certificated by Jason Lejeune Associates


EFAW stands for Emergency First Aid at Work. This course is basically the same as our Basic First Aid course, but is offically accredited. People who attend this course will have to complete a workbook alongside the training and receive a certificate from the awarding body, along with a credit card sized plastic certificate to keep in their wallet

Recovery Position

All courses cover how to put someone in the recovery position - a position designed to help the casualty breathe easier after any kind of medical emergency.

CPR inc Use of AED

All courses cover how to do Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). We also make sure people leave the course with an understanding of how to use a Defibrillator. All learners get a free Face Shield!


All our courses cover what to do if someone begins to choke. From a risk point of view, this is probably the single biggest risk in any environment.

Conflict Resolution

For training in this area, please do get in contact with us as its vital that we tailor our courses around you, your staff and your clients needs. Whether it be a 3 hour "Approach to Challenging Behaviour" through to a full days "Breakaway" training, where staff learn to safely disengage when they are grabbed or the full 2 days Safeholding Course, where staff learn about the appropriate use of force, how to contain a situation and take control for the safety of the individual and others - we can meet your needs. These courses can be used in any work environment and are particularly suitable for use with people with learning disabilities, autism and dementia.


Verbal Agression


Reducing conflict between others


People pointing the finger, often leading to physical contact

Out of no where assaults

When you never saw it coming


Invading your space to slap you

Fronting up

Aggressively getting in your face

Violent Physical Assault

Has the potential to happen anywhere


A deliberate lack of communication

Other Training

Below is a list of courses that we currently deliver. However If you want something more specialist, or something not in the list - then please do get in touch and we'll be happy to put a course together for you.

Video Introduction

Our Other Courses

So... We've already told you about our First Aid and Conflict Management courses - but thats not all we do! We can also train your staff in a whole list of different trainings and as always we can mould our courses around your specific workplace.

  • Health and Safety
  • Food Hygiene
  • Medication
  • Mental Capacity Act and DoLS
  • Dementia in Elderly
  • Dementia in Learning Disabilities
  • Supervision skills for Managers
  • Care of Substances Hazardous the Health (CoSHH)
  • Fire Awareness
  • Moving and Handling
  • Infection Control
  • Epilepsy
  • Autism
  • Record Keeping
  • Professional Boundaries
  • Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults (SOVA)
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Our Process

We like to keep things simple - you contact us with your training needs, we agree a date, we make sure the course fits your needs, we deliver the course getting feedback from your staff at the end (which we can share with you to reassure you of the quality of our training) and finally some of our courses need refreshing


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We are pleased to be associated with the following companies - ones we've worked with, ones we trust.

Community Choices

North Devon

A brilliant supported living provider with several locations across the North Devon area.

Ordinary Living

North Devon

Another Dynamic supported living provider with services across North Devon and North Cornwall

A Secure Drive

Mid Devon

A licensed taxi service across Mid Devon who will get you there on time and also get supplies.

Mid Devon Events

Mid Devon

Organising craft fairs and events across Mid Devon. See the website for a current list of events

Our Popular Courses


Our History

We set Jason Lejeune Associates up while Jason was working as a training manager for a Supported Living Company in Exeter.

Prior to this Jason had been a Service Manager over seeing 8 Services and managing the teams working there.

We were successful in securing a regular contract for a care agency in Exmouth. We also diversified and delivered both First Aid and Manual Handling for a local company who makes biscuits.

It was at this point that we realised that many of our courses could be tweaked so that they can be delivered in any work sector.

As we moved into 2015, Jason decided that it was time to try a new field and moved to a Training Managers role at a Dementia Unit. We also began supporting a company in Cornwall with Safeholding Training.

The experience gained from working at a Dementia Unit is embedded in the training courses we now deliver.

We are now working closely with 4 organisations across Devon and Cornwall ensuring their staff have regular Physical Intervention Training. Jason has also joined St John Ambulance to ensure his theoretical skills are underpinned by practical experience.

We can now offer Event First Aid for small events, and have helped in the assessment and management of challenging behaviour in a consultancy capacity.


We believe in giving back to the community we live in. Many training companies will travel the UK and charge you for it. We'd much rather stay local, keep costs down and not pay hotel bills!
Some of our courses do need refreshing. Breakaway, Safeholding, Manual Handling, First Aid and Fire should be refreshed every year, where as Health and Safety, Infection Control, Food Hygiene, Medication and Safeguarding are 3 yearly. Some are one off too!
Basically anywhere thats commutable with in a day. Happily we cover the whole of the South West - Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Bristol. We have also travelled as far as Birmingham.

Fun Facts

A quick look at the break down of our stats for 2015


Online Shop

On many of our First Aid courses we are asked where's the best place to buy first aid kits, refill pack and other equipment. We are now pleased to be able to provide this as a service! We promise not to pack the shop with thousands of products (believe me we haven't got the time to upload thousands!) but to keep it at a simple, understandable product list.

Our new "Recommend A Company" scheme.

If you recommend us to a company who then book us for a full days training, we’ll send you a voucher of your choice for £25.

We will also give the company a discount of £25 off the training they book.

Tell Others

It may be your current employer, be someone you know who needs training or even someone you used to work for, but tell them about us! If they're interested in having some training then let us know so that we can contact them. If we are succesful in getting a booking from them we will contact you to let you know and then..... You go to stage 3!

Payment Time

We then send you a voucher, of your choice, for the value of £25. Not only that - We will give the company a discount of £25 off the booking they've made. Basically everyones a winner - you get £25 and the company you recommend get a discount too! So what have you got to loose?? Nothing - as "Hot Chocolate" once said.... "Everyones a winner!" For full term and conditons click below


Get in Touch

There's many different way to contact us - please use whichever you feel most confident in using - we promise to be in touch very soon!

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